Ensuring Accurate Rate
Descriptions to Prevent
Booking Issues

Rate Cleaner provides travel agencies with swift tools
for identifying and communicating rate inaccuracies,
ensuring smooth transactions and heightened trust with
hotels, leading to increased sales.

Rate Description Verification Tool

Rate Cleaner offers a comprehensive solution for travel agencies to ensure accurate
rate descriptions on GDSs and facilitates direct communication with hotels over rate

Verify rates
in real-time

Mitigate the risk of booking complications with real-time GDS rate verification, ensuring discrepancies are caught and corrected promptly.

Notify hotels directly

Immediate contact with hotels is enabled through in-app communication, allowing quick rectification of rate inaccuracies, streamlining response times, and enhancing accuracy.

booking conflicts

Proactive identification and resolution of recurrent rate errors prevent future booking issues, ensuring smoother booking operations.

Benefits for Travel Agencies

Decreased booking issues

Ensuring accurate rate descriptions leads to fewer booking complications and smoother client interactions.

Enhanced rate accuracy

Maintaining the highest level of accuracy for hotel rates by continuously verifying and updating rate information.

Increased operational efficiency

Streamlining communications with hotel to swiftly address and correct rate discrepancies, improving the booking process.

Stronger hotel partnerships

Building trust with hotels through proactive rate issue communication, enhancing service delivery.

Increased client satisfaction

Assuring clients of accurate bookings, improving trust, and reducing the likelihood of complaints.

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