Rate Descriptions
in Hospitality

Rate Cleaner helps to boost rates accuracy in GDSs,
enhancing sales and reducing operational costs,
for more efficient rate management.

Solving the Rate Accuracy
Challenge in Hospitality

Accuracy of rate descriptions is a common problem in the hospitality industry.
Up to 80% of room rate descriptions have errors or are incomplete.
Improperly set up rate descriptions can lead to significant loss in revenue.

With Rate Cleaner, you can:

  • Detect and rectify missing information in rate descriptions efficiently.
  • Streamline error correction for more reliable and accurate data.
  • Enhance sales through improved GDS and OTA channel distribution.

Enhanced Revenue & Operational Efficiency

Rate Cleaner simplifies rate management, swiftly identifying errors and streamlining corrections to ensure your hotel's rates are competitive and accurate.

  • Immediate error detection in rate descriptions
  • Reduced costs from fewer booking discrepancies
  • Increased direct sales through optimized GDS channel

Streamlined Bookings with Accurate Data

Rate Cleaner provides travel agencies with the precision tools needed to ensure the accuracy of rate information, building trust and efficiency in the booking process.

  • Rigorous verification of hotel rate accuracy
  • Strengthened trust from reliable rate presentation
  • Efficient communication with hotels for rate adjustments

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