Enhanced Sales
through Accurate
Rate Descriptions

Rate Cleaner streamlines the verification of your hotel's
rate descriptions within GDSs, ensuring a flawless
distribution of your entire inventory and supporting
revenue growth.

Rate Description Improvement Tool

Rate Cleaner is uniquely designed to eliminate inaccuracies from your room rate
descriptions, enhancing the integrity of your hotel's offerings.

verify rates

Errors in rate listings can lead to guest dissatisfaction and lost revenue. We provide real-time rate verification for GDS listings, enabling prompt identification and correction of inaccuracies or misleading information.

Take control
of your data

Waiting for external inputs to identify errors in rate management can cause delays in critical updates, impacting your hotel's performance. We equip you with the tools for immediate and precise insights into your data, enabling on-the-spot corrections.

future errors

Recurring input mistakes can indicate larger systemic issues. By facilitating the analysis of historical data, we help you spot and understand error patterns, advising on best practices to avoid them in the future and ensuring a smooth rate management process.

Benefits for Hotels

Higher rate accuracy

Instantly finding and fixing errors to keep your rate descriptions accurate and trustworthy.

Reduced operational costs

Avoiding the expense and hassle associated with post-booking rate discrepancies and complaints.

Increased GDS sales

Enhancing visibility and sales potential through GDS channels with more accurate rate descriptions.

Booking trends insight

Track how refined rate descriptions influence GDS bookings to adjust strategies for optimal occupancy.

Improved competitive edge

Gaining a market advantage with rates that accurately reflect the value of your hotel, enticing potential guests over competitors.

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